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Thomas Donald Strategy

Many roulette players like to use the Thomas Donald strategy. It is based on decreasing the bet when you win and increasing it by the same amount if you lose. The system has much in common with Labouchere’s tactics.

T. Donald’s Strategy Rules

The bankroll must be at least 3000 initial bets. If the initial bet is $5, then the total bankroll is $15,000. Bets should be placed on equal chances. And when zero comes up, double it. We should note that many casinos have a minimum bet limit. Make sure you have enough money in advance.

Thomas Donald believed that in a long game there is an approximately equal number of failures and victories. Therefore, it is necessary to apply his method precisely at long distances. This means that it is necessary to stock up not only with money but also with time.

Never play with borrowed money. This will lead not only to financial difficulties but also to mental discomfort. If you play with your own money, then there will be no additional negative factors. Even with your money, you need to be careful and not everything you have. Gambling responsibly is a key factor for every player.

Real Examples

Real Examples

All the above recommendations are theory, but we should not forget about practice. Eventually, everything comes down to practice. Let’s consider some examples.

Making 35 Spins

Red and black sectors fell out 17 times each, and the ball stopped at zero only once. There is a high probability that you won and lost about equal money. Winning or losing depends solely on the colour that has fallen out, that is, on the favour of luck.

The probability of zero falling out is 1 in 37. Let’s say that this sector fell out at the moment when the rate was negative. This case is similar to the situation when the ball stops on the black sector. Thus, zero reduces the fallout of the red sector by only one.

Reverse Situation

Let’s say the bet was positive when zero came up. This gives the player a choice. If he raises the bet, the zero will be changed to black. If the player chooses to go down, then a red change will occur. In this situation, it is recommended to make a choice based on the statistics of previous spins, remembering that black and red sectors fall out approximately the same number of times.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

Donald’s strategy has been successful for a long time. More often it is used by experienced roulette fans, as it is not easy for beginners to understand it. This strategy requires some calculations and knowledge of mathematics. Do not forget that the risk is justified, and experience comes to everyone over time.

However, as we have already mentioned at the beginning of our article, there is no 100% working strategy, that can give you winnings all the time. Strategies are only designed to maximally reduce the chances of losing your money. Otherwise, everything depends on luck.

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