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Sometimes laziness can be useful and save you time and energy. But if the postponement of anything and everything has become chronic and fairly complicates life? How to deal with self-sabotage and procrastination?


Everyone knows the situation when you have to squirrel in the wheel: work, school, children, parents, household chores, cottage industry … Overwork and lethargy as a consequence. The body declares that it needs rest, and it will not move without it. If you are physically exhausted, sleep, relax, and provide yourself with physical activity: yoga, swimming, running, gym. If you suffer from mental laziness, then switch to another activity, an exciting activity. 

However, it requires an effort of will to get out of the comfort zone and begin to act: to be in a conscious state, to set new tasks, to master the necessary skills.

And if you suffer from burnout syndrome, you need an emotional explosion, bright sensations and new feelings. Maybe it is on time to try extreme sports or plan a trip to the other continent. If possible, change a stressful job, filter your social circle, and take up sports or dance. Taking up a new hobby (you can enjoy gambling on  CasinoChan login or start gardening, it doesn’t matter what) is also an important step to change your life and get new emotions.


So, how do you beat laziness? Stop struggling. Analyze what it signals, and what it warns you against. In other words, deal with the cause, but do not overcome the effect.If you set your mind on the result, but you lack a decisive kick for action, use the following recommendations.

  • Keep the promises you’ve made to others and to yourself

Or free yourself from them. Set a goal once to learn to play the guitar or learn a language, but then there were other interests. Old intentions left unfulfilled, continue to drain your energy.

  • Make a list of intentions that you plan to remove from the agenda

For each item, say, “I’m letting go of this wish/intention. I refuse to do it.” You can do this in writing and then burn it afterwards.

  • Clean up your house

Get rid of things that you don’t use: sell them, give them away, throw them away. You should get rid of junk for the new one to come.

  • Break down the upcoming work into parts

It’s easier to tune in to do a small step – the burden of responsibility is not as pressing. You can start with what seems easier.

  • Listen to music

It’s easier to get energized by upbeat rhythms. Right time management also helps you to plan your life and stay motivated.

  • Motivate yourself, encourage: do this and that – then I’ll have a coffee with candy or go to the social networking site for 15 minutes.

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