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Most Effective Roulette Strategies

Roulette has been one of the most popular games in the world. People have tried to come up with different strategies throughout centuries, but none of them can guarantee winnings all the time. This article provides a number of strategies to help you win at roulette.

Trends and Sequences

Skip the first four spins in the game. Wait until some kind of sequence starts to appear. Bets are recommended to be made in accordance with the identified pattern. If red has fallen four times, then in the fifth case it is recommended to bet on red. If you win, then keep following the pattern. If a series of losses has come, then wait a bit and determine the next sequence. This system can also be used in combination with progression. In this case, the bet goes up after a win and goes down after a loss.

Wait For 3

Wait For 3

This strategy is designed for exactly 37 spins. Bets should be started only after a double repetition of any of the numbers. This is the number you should bet on. If there are several such numbers in 37 spins, then bet on each of them. The strategy is based on the principle of two-thirds, according to which no more than 24 different sectors fall out during the session.

Triple Dozens

The first 55 spins are played idle. After that, you need to bet on the numbers that fell out three times during this time. The round is over if 55 spins are made and one bet has played.

There is another modification of this strategy. It is proposed to take into account repeated numbers only when no more than 11 rotations pass between them. Did you find such a number? Place 9 bets on it in a row. Won? Feel free to place 9 more bets.

Straight Wait

The strategy is played exclusively on idle spins. Bets are made in batches of 11 numbers. It is recommended to start the game when 11 different numbers have fallen out and bet on sectors that have not yet fallen out.

Buffster Strategy

Buffster Strategy

The game session lasts 35 spins or until a win. This strategy involves making equal bets. Track the last result to eliminate the last dozen drawn. Two dozen will remain, including four sixlines or 8 straights. These are the dozens you should bet on. For the first five spins, you need to bet one on sixlines, then six spins bet on one on straights, the same number of bets on one on pairs, and finally, for 18 spins, one is bet on each number.

Strategy “52 Dollars”

Wait for the third dozen to come up and bet $20 each on the second and first. Won? Repeat the bet, but lower it to $11. Lucky the second time? Bet $17. Three wins will bring 52 dollars. If this is not enough for you, then you can continue at another table.

Eventually, depending on your style and strategy you can use any of the above mentioned methods. However always gamble responsibly and do not risk all of your funds.

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